Through this website I am showcasing my photography projects. My projects are organised in galleries within the Portfolio section and are subject to various themes or ideas. Some of the projects are still ongoing and have been developed throughout a span of longer periods. Those are marked with an asterisk (*). Others are finished projects which depict either a study, a series or an entire theme.

To view my other photographs, not yet put together in a project, please visit my Instagram

My portfolio is in continuous transformation and I invite you to come back and revisit it.

My work is licensed under Creative Commons license. See details


This section is dedicated to showcasing my projects. Each project has an idea behind which statement is described in the project gallery. Projects marked with an asterisk (*) are projects still ongoing or developed on a span of longer period of time.

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From an early age I have been fascinated by the mechanics and the magic that worked inside that little box called photo camera.

When I was 15 I went to a photography course where I learned all technicalities about photography and how to develop b&w film. I borrowed my father’s Smena and started my own experiments on film.

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