Matei Muntiu

Matei is a portrait and retreat photographer and visual artist.
I go where my projects are

– Matei Muntiu

Matei Muntiu


Matei is passionate about capturing unique moments, highlighting the true inner light of each of his subjects.

He uses safe environments as well as fun and creative experiences for his subjects to be photographed in, empowering their most true selves.

Collaborative atmosphere that builds a special relationship
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The Process

Confidence is what I build

His photography sessions are always marked by a collaborative atmosphere through which he builds a special relationship with his subjects, engaging them in the creative process.

Matei Muntiu | About

Exploring time

Educated in Fine Arts he graduates as a Graphic Designer and embarks on a journey to study Theatrical Acting. His love for visual and performance arts as well as his passion for photography, converge in his photographic works into a unique style.

Finding new ways of expression

be creative, playful, have fun

Engaging in the creative process

Matei’s approach to his photography sessions starts by creating a safe and relaxed environment that engages his subjects to be creative, playful, have fun and have a great experience overall.


Matei’s knowledge of over 10 years of photography comes to fruition with every image he creates.


Matei’s knowledge of over 10 years of photography comes to fruition with every image he creates.

safe, friendly and fun

work with me

Let's work together

An image can tell more than a thousand words. Make your images speak for you or your brand.

I will convert your vision into meaningful images that will speak for themselves, giving a fresh look and personality to your ideas.

Working with professional, aspiring as well as non-professional models has taught me that a successful photo-session is based on trust, collaboration and good communication.

A photographer is not only someone with a camera. A photographer creates a state of mind, an environment where everyone feels creative and enjoys the whole process.


– Matei Muntiu

What people say

Nour, UAE

Hiii Mateii! I wanted to tell you that honestly all the photos that you have taken throughout the retreat were so raw and beautiful 🤍 you truly captured a lot of the beautiful moments , and looking at them i would remember the exact moment😍 I'm usually a little camera shy, but felt like you were not there, there was no pressure at all to be around you capturing moments. Thank youu for capturing these momentsss and for giving us such beautiful memoriess❤️❤️❤️ Keep doing you and make more faces smile🥰

Daniel, MX

Matei has an incredible eye and passion that reflects in his work. Being on a retreat with Matei, we had an incredible opportunity to see his work in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. The combination of Matei's skillful camera work and his unique perspective to capture key emotional moments, gave the entire retreat a different feel. We were able to enjoy the scenery and experience, without worrying about taking pictures, because we knew we had a professional looking out for our best moments. Matei is a critical addition to the team, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to add top photography as an element of their experience.

Shila, TZ

I really enjoyed doing the photoshoot with Matei no regrets at all. He told me to relax and if I am uncomfortable I should pause and continue when I feel ok again. That was important for me because I was having a difficult week working. Definitely a great vibe working with him, and he really knows how to play with natural light, he made spectacular pictures of me that I will forever cherish and remember, he said I am a natural 😀 that woke up a side of me I thought was long gone. I can’t wait to do a next shoot again one day in Zanzibar. I have gained a fantastic photographer and also a friend.Thank you Matei 🙏🏽 hakuna matata

Ami, ES

- translated from original -
It was my first photography experience as a model and I had a great time. I would be happy to repeat.
Matei gave me a lot of confidence, I was nervous, but he knew how to create an atmosphere of friendship, complicity and fun where I could play with my inner child and be myself.
Thank you Matei, you made "the girl who coveres herself up" wanting to be seen 🙂
I wish you the best, you are a great professional and a beautiful Being.
A big hug, Ami.
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Ha sido mi primera experiencia de fotografía como modelo y me lo he pasado genial. Volvería a repetir encantada.
Matei me dió mucha tranquilidad, yo iba nerviosa, pero él supo crear un ambiente de amistad, complicidad y divertido donde pude jugar con mi niña y ser yo misma.
Gracias Matei, conseguiste que la chica que se tapa tenga ganas de dejarse ver 🙂
Te deseo lo mejor, eres un gran profesional y un precioso Ser.
Un gran abrazo, Ami.

Coco, ES

I was expecting to be rushed straight into it. No no no, not with Matei. He brings you in gently, respects you and follows his intuition on how to enhance the experience so that beyond the end-results (your photos), you'll remember this moment in time as being amazing and eye-opener.
He follows the vibe of the moment, does improves like a jazzman who has beautiful mastery over the tool but also with his people skills and that creates a beautiful space to be oneself.
I really loved Matei's work and session. For me it helped me deal with how I view my body image. And accept myself more so that I can share who I am in this world. If you resonate with his work and his gentle and open-hearted vibe, give yourself or to someone you love this beautiful present.

Carmen y Sergio, ES

The photo shoot with Matei was great!!!
We immediately created a fun and pleasant atmosphere and we felt very comfortable during the whole session.
We are very happy with the result because we think that the photos reflect the naturalness of our essence and our music.
In fact we are going to use some of the photos as images in our networks and as posters for concerts.
Thanks Matei!!

Bela, ES

Taking the photos with Matei was fun and not too formal so it was comfortable. We played with different angles and lighting it was also fun to work creatively with the sheet we used to tie my hair. It was interesting to see Matei's process and in particular I really liked the dramatic effect of the lighting in black and white.

Lauren Jennifer, UK

I did my first shoot with Matei when I had only just started to model, so I was very nervous however Matei was able to make me feel at ease right away. He has a wonderful creative vision and empowers you to tap into yours. He values your input and makes the shoot a collaborative, comfortable and incredibly enjoyable experience.