This section is dedicated to showcasing my work. It is grouped on themes or subjects and each has an idea behind described by a statement. My works are developed on a span of a longer period of time.

  • Conceptual


    My conceptual work is an introspection into various subjects and ideas I have researched and challenged through time.

  • Portraiture


    Posing for a portrait photography sometimes equals playing a character. A character you want other people to believe in, a better version of yourself, someone to be admired. Other times it means you, just being you.

  • Projects


    I have looked into pollution as a phenomenon we see everyday and everywhere. This project aims to creatively and visually look into the problem of pollution in general and, in particular, what pollution does to the wider climate, be it environmental pollution or emotional. This project is work in progress.

  • Nature


    Nature is everywhere around us. My approach to Nature has its roots in childhood when I started discovering it. When you are a child you are very close to the ground, in terms of heights, and at our feet there is a whole world to be revealed. The adulthood challenge in our societal organisations is to not forget Nature exists and to be respectful towards it.

  • Playing with the Wind (video)

    Playing with the Wind (video)

    **Then** was the perfect time to play. When the wind began its ludic and gentle ritual hiding between the sheets and unexpectedly coming out like a child repeating the same game over and over again.

  • Nudes


    In my nude series I am concerned with the role light is playing in the absence of light determining the shapes, shadows and the entire atmosphere.