I met the grandparents of my friend Stefan in 2010 when I camped on their land. It was a pleasant summer in rural Maramures (Romania) when arts summer camp started. The camp’s idea was to gather artists from different backgrounds who work with different mediums and let the arts merge and ideas to exchange.

Grandparents made available their land to the arts camp. The time in those places flows very slow and there’s always plenty of time to do everything. Things are so simple there and of a special meaning. The way of living is beautiful, colorful and happy. Stress forgot to pass by those places in the high hills.

Grandparents were getting closer to 100 years of age. They lived their whole life there. Grandmother took care of the household. She was a diligent and active woman who “knew the meaning of things”. Grandparent was a teacher in the village. A very knowledgeable man. They were very close to their land, home, animals and work. They were healthy and saw many generations of people come and go.

Modern life, with all it’s aides – technological, social, urban, scientific – can’t even compete with and can’t offer that simplicity and eternity of things. All that we have got now is their memory and we must keep it.