Nature is everywhere around us. My approach to Nature has its roots in childhood when I started discovering it. When you are a child you are very close to the ground, in terms of heights, and at our feet there is a whole world to be revealed. The adulthood challenge in our societal organisations is to not forget Nature exists and to be respectful towards it.

  • Abstracting the Forest

    Abstracting the Forest

    In the art of Acting a common and an inexhausted imagination exercise is the “object transformation” which aims to use an object by giving it a different meaning then it has been created for. In the same sense I am playing with imagination in a quest to transfigure the nature of the forest into some different shapes.

  • Blu


    Blu(e) is our Planet, generally water and sky. My contemplation of blue develops from various shapes it has in nature, how it is a part of life and how it appears untouched.

  • Togetherness


    Togetherness = to live together. Living together means respecting each other, growing together, depending on each other. And not only within the species, but among all the species. A forestry study on how nature lives and lets live.

  • The Mountains

    The Mountains

    Mountains have always been a mystery for me. I never knew what expects me on the top unless I reached it. Mountains are always the peak of wonder, freedom, effort and courage.

  • Flowers


  • Light Travel

    Light Travel

    To graphically notice how light travels, I discovered, in my case, that the best way to see that is from within a forest where light casts off a trail of golden spots.