My conceptual work is an introspection into various subjects and ideas I have researched and challenged through time.

  • Atemporal


    An investigation into visual representations that evoke a sense of atemporality. Such examples can be the absence of clear delimitation between sand and sea where a boat seems pending between reality and imagination, a construction that seems to be out of place or a surreal reflection.

  • Being Watched

    Being Watched

    Sometimes there’s that constant feeling of being watched. Teenagers have it almost every day when they feel that they are permanently watched and judged by others. In almost all cases it is just own imagination running wild and, in fact, all those other people were actually minding their own business. But being watched is also …

  • The Herd Instinct

    The Herd Instinct

    Humans, like animals, are guided by the herd instinct. Weather us, as humans, considering ourselves wiser and brighter than other species, accept it or not, we must not discredit other species of being smart too.

  • Hanging


    Weather life depends on some information or tings have been just left to hang, I have made an excursion into different meanings of how hanging might be perceived: emotional, physical or belief.

  • Loss of Identity

    Loss of Identity

    An investigation into loss of identity which may occur due to trauma, feeling of not belonging, being separated from family or feeling lost in a larger group of people (friends or even family) where the sentiment of being together and alone, in the same time, takes its toll.

  • Anxiety


    Exploring, through double-exposure, into how anxiety responds within self.